Unlock Android Device Using PUK Code

If you’ve ever got your PIN code wrong too many times and got your SIM locked, you were probably as surprised as I was when Android gives you no option to unlock the phone! Fortunately there’s an answer.

To unlock your Android-based device go to the Emergency Call screen and enter in the following (replace the angled brackets with the appropriate info):

**05*«PUK Code»*«Your new pin»*«Confirm your new pin»#

So for example:


As a side effect this should work on any SIM-containing device at a screen where you can enter phone numbers, not just devices running the Android OS.  As of writing, Android-based devices are the HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1) and HTC Magic.

And make sure you keep your PUK code secret — anyone can override your PIN with their own using it!

Thanks to theWeir for posting that solution.

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