Advance Wars 2 Soundtrack Download

Andy, a Commanding Officer from Advance Wars 2

Andy, a Commanding Officer from Advance Wars 2

Ah, Advance Wars 2.  What is it about you I thought was so amazing?  The lovable, single-minded cast?  The deep turn-based strategy?  The little battle animations of infantry flying off the screen?

Well, okay, all of those things are very good reasons to love the game, but there’s another one that sticks out for me too.

The soundtrack!

Once I completed the normal campaign and could buy the Sound Room, that was it.  Time and again I’ve inserted the cart into my GBA purely for the reason of enjoying the music on an infinite loop.

Yes, I am that way inclined as a person, but there’s something about this soundtrack that keeps me coming back.  I’m not sure if it’s the enthusiastic beats or the simple, catchy tunes, but this is one soundtrack I struggle to put down.

But anyway, enough of me rambling about game soundtracks; judge for yourself!  Ripped by yours truly and packaged as 192kbps MP3s, the Advance Wars 2 soundtrack is one you should definitely have in your library if you enjoy the game or the kind of music you get from a GBA.

Download the Advance Wars 2 Soundtrack.

Also available from another site I co-run, Black Hole Headquarters.