Printing Brother labels through GIMP

I’ve been fiddling with a Brother P-Touch D600, which is able to connect to a computer through USB. Since I’ve realised that it appears to Windows as a standard printer, I’ve been trying to see if any applications can print to the device. They can!

Notepad works (albeit not in the most useful fashion). But I had a bit of trouble with GIMP.

I found that, for some reason, even after setting the correct image/DPI settings and running through page setup, GIMP still seems to think it is printing via A4. I’m unclear where the problem comes from, but it can be worked around when you go to print.

After selecting Print, select the Image Settings tab, and ensure the image is aligned to the top-left corner. You’ll need to factor in a margin. On my 24mm labels, I set a top and left margin of 3mm or so.