How to update Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4 drivers

Qualcomm seem to make up-to-date wireless and wireless+bluetooth drivers available to Killer Networking first. Forunately you are able to download and install them yourself.

  1. Go to the Killer Networking driver page.
  2. Download the Standard drivers (no Killer Features).
  3. If your wireless adapter has Bluetooth, download the Bluetooth drivers as well.
    • My QCA61x4 device has Bluetooth, so I downloaded the Bluetooth driver for the K1525/1535.
  4. Install the driver(s) in the usual manual way: Device Manager > your wireless adapter > Driver > Update driver… > Browse > Let me pick > Have disk… > Browse to driver.
    • In my case, the k11acw10 directory worked for the wireless adapter.
    • If Windows complains there is no valid driver, try another directory.

Bonus chatter: The driver needed updating as it was causing BSODs. A very helpful post by Glenn Meuth on this forum thread helped me identify the unreliable driver via analysing the BSOD’s memory dump.