The Windows 7 Taskbar — Keyboard Goodness

If you’re fortunate enough to be using Windows 7, then no doubt you’ve noticed the new taskbar.  Well, here’s a couple of golden nuggets of info for you:

Did you know that all the icons you line up on the taskbar automatically get keyboard shortcuts?  If you want to launch one of them, just press the Windows key and the number of the program’s position along the list.  So to launch the first program, press Win+1; to launch the second, press Win+2; this continues all the way up to Win+0, which opens the tenth program.  Cool, huh?  This is the same behaviour as the Quick Launch Bar in Windows Vista (which I used extensively).

Even better, if you want to open one of those programs with admin permissions (for example, using Notepad to edit the hosts file), you can press Win+Ctrl+Shift+, accept any UAC prompt, and voilà!  Program a la admin.

I love keyboard shortcuts.