Phoenix Wright — Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations Soundtrack Download

That was a mouthful of a title.

Over time I’ve played and thoroughly enjoyed the Ace Attorney series of games, from Phoenix Wright to Apollo Justice.  But for those of you familiar to the series, you’ll notice that this is the soundtrack for the third game in the series.  So why have I posted this one?

You see, this soundtrack posting has a small story behind it.  A while back a perfectionist of a soundtrack ripper called TheRedPriest ripped the soundtrack and uploaded it to his website.  He gets wound up by pops and blips in tracks — I can relate to that…

Anyway, unfortunately like so many good things on the web, the website went offline!  Luckily, a member of the forum called GUI uploaded the soundtrack and all was good within the world.

Since I hate having just one mirror for things that have had so much time and effort put into them, and because I like the soundtrack so much, I decided to host the soundtrack for myself.

Just to make it clear: I did not rip this soundtrack or have any input in its ripping!  I am but a simple mirror, wanting to preserve the great work of a video game soundtrack ripper.

Hope that everyone enjoys this as much as I do.

Download the Phoenix Wright — Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations soundtrack.