My Personal Ninite Installer

This is basically for my own future reference, but the last few Windows installs I’ve done I’ve used Ninite to install most of my favourite software — easily and quickly!

If you’ve yet to discover it, check it out!  Or if you’d rather just install software other people recommend wihout thinking, you can install my particular favourite software loadout.

Update 15:42 UTC+0100: Just a couple of things that I should mention about the Ninite installer:

  • All programs install with a desktop shortcut, which I don’t use.
    • They’re very easy to delete, mind.
  • Skype is set to start on Windows start up.
    • This is easy to change on Skype’s log in screen, or using Autoruns below.
  • Steam is also set to start on Windows start up.
    • Change this by logging in and disabling it in the Interface tab of the Steam > Settings window, or using Autoruns below.
  • Java constantly runs its update scheduler (jusched.exe).
    • Use Autoruns for this one.

The latter three can be easily fixed by downloading Autoruns and deleting their start up entries from the list.  Just don’t go too crazy in Autoruns, as you could cause Windows to stop booting etc. etc.

Update 2010-07-30: My new personal Ninite installer, to reflect new software being added to Ninite!