Kodi with Sony Bravia TVs

I’ve been setting up Kodi on my Sony Bravia Android TV — you can install it from the Google Play Store.

Here are a few notes to help set things up how I like them:

  • My favourite skin so far is Arctic: Zephyr as it doesn’t have lots of gaudy images, runs fast, and displays long titles reasonably well (good for both music and long video names).
  • I’ve added some useful functions to the Sony remote control; install the Keymap Editor add-on and then make the following adjustments:
    • Information (i+) button: Global > Navigation > Context Menu
    • Red button : Global > Window > Open Home
    • Green button: Global > Window > Open Favourites
    • Yellow button: Global > Window > Open Fullscreen Video (allows you to return to a video if you go in to a menu)
    • Blue button: Nothing yet!

Update 2017-05-14: The new Estuary skin that comes as default in Kodi 17 is exactly to my tastes so I use that now.