Fix Windows Sidebar Gadget File Association in Vista

Have you ever somehow managed to break the Gadget file association in Windows Vista?  I have somehow, and that means that you can no longer install gadgets.  Double-clicking a .gadget file does nothing, and the Sidebar offers no option to install gadgets itself!

If you try to re-associate the files with Windows Sidebar by telling to Open With… and navigating to the Sidebar executable, you’ll have found that that doesn’t help — all it does is bring the Sidebar to focus, but doesn’t install the gadget.

Fortunately, help is at hand: all you need to do is **download the following archive **and apply the registry entries by double-clicking the .reg file inside the archive, and saying Yes at the prompt.

Download Gadget Association registry entries.

All I did was export the corresponding keys from the registry on a Vista machine with a working Sidebar — nothing else!

Hope this helps others like it has me.