Finding Froggy

This is for all the people who wasted their lives on Sonic Adventure trying to find Big the Cat’s best friend, Froggy.  Here he is.

For the curious this is yet another of the amphibians to get themselves stuck in Huntersdale’s basement.  But instead of the legions of toads, we have a frog this time!  It was a fair bit larger than the toads, although the bubble wrap in the background of this photo gives you the sense that he wasn’t that large after all — and just how small the toads are!

I’ve decided to be a little bit creative for once, opting to make the image duotone, and fiddling with noise, contrast and vignetting a bit. No cropping, mind.

For the duotone part, I first made the photo black and white, then applied a slight yellow tint to the highlights and a slight blue/grey tint to the shadows.  I really like how those two colours blend together.

Hope you enjoy!