Changing GPRS, MMS and Access Point Settings on Android

I feel kind of silly for falling foul of this, but I guess it’s just a case of going against what you’re used to.

I was looking for a way to check on my MMS settings on Android.  On just about every other phone I’ve used it’s been a submenu of the messaging application, so that’s where I went — except I couldn’t find anything pertaining to access point settings!  I mean, if one phone does it one way, all phones do it that way, right?  Right?

Wrong.  Turns out Android hides the settings in — guess what — its Settings menus!  That’s good, because it’s centralised.  It makes sense when you think about it.  Honest.

Anyway, to find these elusive settings, just follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Home screen.
  2. Press Menu.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select Wireless controls.
  5. Select Mobile network settings.
  6. Select Access Point Names.
  7. Finally, select an access point to edit, or press Menu to create a new APN or reset to the defaults that shipped with the phone.

Have fun with changing access point settings!  Mmm.