… The Author

This website is crafted by me, Alex Palmer (a.k.a. XanderX), a vaguely qualified Computer Scientist with a passion for perfection. A real pain, really.

This blog, as it effectively is, is personal: “personal” as in made by me concerning topics that interest me, not “personal” as in daily log or life’s rants personal. I’ve never been in to that sort of stuff. Although that said it doesn’t mean there won’t be the odd rant.

I’m really in to games, music and photography, plus I have a fondness for talking in great detail about topics most people don’t really care about. Mostly about computers and games (as you’ll no doubt find out!).

I’m still trying to decide what kind of coding — be it for the web, for the desktop or for mobiles — that I would love to do forever and ever, so I try my best to keep an open mind and a healthy appetite for all of them.

I hope you enjoy your time here!

… The Website

Firstly, if there are any problems with the site at all, please get in touch! Even if bugs are the bane of any developers life, I’ll always fix something I’m responsible for. It’s like it’s some kind of duty or something.

I made this place so that I could post about whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want! Be it on my desktop, laptop, or phone.

The schedule of posting is rather haphazard for that very reason, but the feed will keep you updated of when I do post. You can find that on the front page!

… Building the Website

The site is generated using Hugo.

The site was migrated from Jekyll. I describe initially migrating to Jekyll in greater detail in this post.

If there are any bugs you can see — be it in how it looks in a particular browser, error codes you see, or anything else that could happen — feel free to let me know!

… Disclaiming responsibility for anything that goes wrong

I post lots of advice on this site, and while I try my best to point out any potential risks, I also have to point out that what goes well for me may not necessarily go well for you (and what goes badly for me may not necessarily go badly for you, although it probably will!). If you follow any of the advice on this site, it is your full responsibility.