Supreme Commander 2 Hidden Objectives List

Update 2010-03-26: Missed “Master of Pawns” hidden objective off of Cybran mission 6.  Added it.

Trying to find and complete all the secret missions in SupCom 2?  Here’s a quick and dirty list of them all!

This information is copied from the map files within the SupCom 2 directory.

Feel free to copy and paste — a link back to this page would be appreciated!

The List


  • 1 – Prime Target
    • Survivor
      • Survive the initial wave of Cybran attackers without losing any units.
  • 2 – Off Base
    • Economic Opportunist
      • Build at least two Mass Extractors in enemy territory.
  • 3 – Strike While Cold
    • Master of the Seas
      • Build an Atlantis II Experimental Aircraft Carrier.
  • 4 – Titans of Industry
    • Brutal Conqueror
      • Defeat Coleman without the aid of the Fatboys.
  • 5 – Factions or Family Plan
    • Experimenter
      • Build at least four Experimental units
  • 6 – End of an Alliance
    • Nuke King
      • Launch your first nuke.
    • None Shall Pass!
      • Prevent any enemy King Kriptors from crossing the main fortress bridge.


  • 1 – Delta Force
    • Blockhead
      • Prevent the blockade from taking more than 25% damage.
  • 2 – Lethal Weapons
    • Master Tactician
      • Complete the operation by constructing fewer than 30 mobile units.
  • 3 – Back on the Chain Gang
    • Not the Bees!
      • You have successfully taken over the enemy air defenses.
    • Pro Anti-Air
      • You have successfully taken over the prison’s defensive structures.
    • Agent Provocateur
      • Capture all of the Security Stations.
  • 4 – Steamed
    • Experimental Fanatic
      • Build at least eight Experimental units.
  • 5 – Cliff Diving
    • Supremest Commander
      • Reach the highest level of veterancy with your ACU.
  • 6 – Prime Time
    • Bot Lord
      • Complete the operation with an army made up entirely of Assault Bots.
    • A Czar is Born
      • Build your first Darkenoid.


  • 1 – Fact Finder
    • Survival Expert
      • Survive Gauge’s onslaught after the download completes.
  • 2 – The Trouble With Technology
    • Master Thief
      • Capture a Rogue Engineer.
    • Great Escapist
      • Complete the operation without a unit being captured by the enemy.
  • 3 – The Great Leap Forward
    • Cache and Carry
      • Collect all of the Technology Caches.
  • 4 – Gatekeeper
    • Sultan of Soul
      • Build at least four Soul Ripper Experimentals.
  • 5 – Surface Tension
    • Master of the Deep
      • Build a Kraken Experimental Submarine.
  • 6 – The Final Countdown
    • Research Savant
      • Complete all available research.
    • Master of Pawns
      • Win the operation without the aid of any Experimentals.

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  1. its that damn engineer one that got me lol

  2. great guide btw

  3. Thankyou thankyou thankyou ive been looking for the last hidden objective for 3 weeks now. illuminate mission 5. now i can sleep

  4. Thanks for the list. Done the campaigns 5 times now. I know I’ve completed every hidden objective but still not getting the achievement. Do I have to play the campaign from start to finish, saving along the way, as I’ve just been dipping in and out of the campaign?

    • Thanks for the good question. As far as I’m aware the order you complete the objectives does not matter, meaning that the last achievement you unlock can be any of them.

      One thing I did notice is that I was often given an achievement one mission late. For example, I’d complete a mission for the first time (theoretically earning an achievement), but I wouldn’t get it until completing another mission (be it campaign, skirmish, online etc.). Of course, it sounds like you’ve been playing the game plenty, so that doesn’t seem to apply here. =P

      What I would recommend is that you go through your game.prefs file, located at:

      "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander 2\Game.prefs"

      Inside some way down you’ll find a big list of missions and the objectives you’ve completed for that mission. Here’s an example from the tutorial as it’s the only one I have to hand; most will not be this long, and the codes that go along with them have been stripped by WordPress:

      completedObjectives = {
      'Pan and Scan',
      'Spin Me Round',
      'A New Angle',
      'Select Me',
      "Get Movin'",
      'Energy Assassin',
      'Capture Me',
      'Tank Attack',
      'Land Zone',
      'Amass Mass',
      'Giving Tanks',
      'Add Add-Ons',
      'Base of Operations'

      Compare this list to the list of hidden objectives for the corresponding mission above. Remember that for the achievement you need to have done all the objectives; primary, secondary and hidden. Possibly even the tutorial too.

      Unfortunately I don’t have a list of all the objectives, but if you’re really willing to put in the effort, find the “uncompiled_lua.scd” file in your SupCom 2 installation, change the extension to “.zip”, and raid through the mission files. That’s how I made this list in the first place! =D

      Sorry for the essay, but I hope this helps!

  5. I tried the one with the Illuminate Mission 6 with ONLY Assault Bots but for some reason I didn’t get it.

    I accidentally qued up a Tank but it didn’t start building because I was still upgrading the building.

    It is the Harvog Assault Bots right?

    • You’re absolutely right, it’s the Harvogs.

      One important thing to note: if I remember correctly, you cannot use turret defences or offensive factory upgrades.

      You can however use your initial units to kill stuff.

      I might be being too defensive with what you’re allowed to build, but that’s what I did to get the achievement.

      Hope that helps!

    • Late reply, but for anyone else having trouble, you are allowed to build only the following units:
      - Commander
      - Engineer
      - Harvog Assault Bot
      - Land Factory
      - Mass Extractor
      - Energy Generator
      - Mass Converter
      - Research Station
      You are also allowed to use the 2 anti-air units you start with, but you are not allowed to build any more. You can build factory upgrades, which helps defend against air, though you’re better off just upgrading your harvogs to do anti-air.

      • Give the man a gold star; this should be all the information everyone needs.

        Looks like I was too defensive. :)

  6. UEF 5: I had trouble getting it, even though I built sometimes 6 or 7 FatBoy IIs. However, I do get it when I build a King Kriptor. I believe it is tied to the Kings, not FatBoys, AC-1000s, or the mobile air factory.

  7. The last Illuminate mission, how can you get bot lord and A Czar is Born if you build the Darkenoid, wont you ruin getting Bot lord?

  8. I’ve just done the Bot Lord thing but it didn’t give me the achievement do I have to use both assault bots and experimental assault bots a.k.a Galactic Colossus.

    • No no, just normal Assault Bots — no experimentals, no turrets, no factory defences. Well spotted that the Galactic Colossus was an Experimental Assault Bot, mind!

  9. Thanks.

  10. Also what does it mean by defeat Coleman without the aid of Fatboy’s does it mean that no Fatboy’s are made or what.

    • It means that Fatboys don’t get to Coleman’s base. To guarantee that you do this, destroy Coleman without taking any of the extra Fatboy factories. Any Fatboys you make will never make it to his base, but since he’ll have quite a few, make sure you have plenty of aircraft to take them out. Or just rush Coleman uber quick — up to you.

  11. Well when the fatboys get to the base and he flees into the transports does that mean they got to his base.

    • It’s been a while since I did it, but I think you’re right — if you see him move to the middle of the map to attack your base, you’ve failed.

      Instead, build a ton of Bombers, Gunships, Mega Fortresses or what have you and directly assault the commander in his base. He will explode and that’s the end of the mission; no transports involved.

      Don’t capture any of the experimental factories — you don’t need them, and they only increase your chances of failing the hidden objective.

      Hope that helps!

  12. ok the person who said this: UEF 5: I had trouble getting it, even though I built sometimes 6 or 7 FatBoy IIs. However, I do get it when I build a King Kriptor. I believe it is tied to the Kings, not FatBoys, AC-1000s, or the mobile air factory. why would you make air units in the level.

    • Because, as you can plainly see, these comments are for Supreme Commander 2 hidden objectives. As such, people come here to find these objectives out, not to wonder how they beat the level in the first place. Getting through the game on hard isn’t a problem, figuring out these objectives can be, especially since not building experimentals could have easily been the answer.

  13. Xanderx i think i might of done the hidden objecitve already but i always get the other factorys for research and i always build like 8 Ac-1000′s and 4 mobile air facts and just make fighters and pile it all on him.

    • Check out my comment #5 above and you can look and see if “Brutal Conqueror” is on your completed objectives list.

      Or if you had searching through text files and love playing the game, just do the mission again (do it on easy difficulty if you like) and do not capture any of the Fatboy factories. Might sound crazy, but trust me it’ll work as that how I did it.

      Aircraft are the easiest way to attack his base as they can’t be countered by the Fatboys, and that sounds like what you’re doing.

      Not sure I can I can offer any more help: Build lots of aircraft; do not capture his Fatboy factories.

      Good luck!

  14. Yes i finally got a account.

  15. ok for the last cybran level how is it posibole to complete the level without experimentals

    • Not that difficult. Build 1 or two land factories and two (or even three) air factories. Build the factories ajacent to the front 3 mass points. Build shields on the factories, this will help ensure that you are not lacking for mass. You will also want anti air turrets on each of the factories, additional anti-air turrets should not be strictly nessecessary unless you are being absolutely pounded by air. Don’t bother about building gemini fighter-bombers, build renegades exclusively.

      Upgrade the regenades fully, starting with the nanoshield (which you should take immediately). Then work on upgrading your basic land forces. I tend to build a lot of adaptors, so I go for the direct fire improvement, the nanoshield, and then the 10% upgrades. Building 2-4 research stations with the extra mass from reclaiming enemy units helps with the upgrading.

      Do not underestimate the power of reclaiming mass with your ACU. Similarly, don’t forget to build defensive turrets with excess mass (after securing your base and building research stations).

      You may have to personally supplement the land forces initially, but your air force should be able to handle it later. Your ACU is also very effective at recliaming enemy experimentals for mass to build more units. Airnomo’s are an excellent counter to your renegades. However, when you have 40-50 of them, you will lose about 1-2 per Airnomo that you choose to destroy exclusively with your gunships, so don’t be afraid to use your gunships to destroy them as well.

      The renegades can do everything that land units can do for the purposes of this mission (destroying coils, commander assination, defence), except they are not effected by engineers, and most enemy units. Opposing gemini fighters may prove a slight problem, but they don’t do a great deal of damage if you have the nanoshield and a bunch of AA at your base.

      It is wise to split your gunships into two groups, one to do the coils, one to defend.

      The opposing commander goes down easily with ~40 gunships.

      Honestly, while skirmishes are much different, I don’t see any reason not to focus on building gunships in the campaign (except for one, perhaps two missions).

  16. ok i found out how to do the last level upgrade ACU so it has the damage thingy over time.

  17. i am trying to get the bot lord but i dont get it i build just assault bots and build shields, mass extractors, energy things and mass converters

    • For the bot lord thing

      do the following

      Research the Anti Air Addon for the assault bots
      ** DO THIS FIRST **
      Then build four Mass Extractors
      (one with each of your starting engineers)
      And two Power Generators and a Factory with your commander.
      (All Upgrades ARE ALLOWED)
      Once complete with upgrades order it to repeat build the assault bot only.
      (do this for all future factorys)

      Build one Factory for every mass point you have, adjacent is best as it provides good but limited and very much needed air cover.

      With your first factory is complete build an additional 3x Power Generators
      and 3x or 6x Research Stations, 6 can be tricky but if you are reclaiming the mass thrown at you by enemy units there is no reason you cant afford 6.

      Once this is done research exclusively technology’s that improve your bots, Firepower and Health Armour and whatever else.


      (Look after the four you got like they are your fingers
      after all they pretty much are (with the commander being your thumb)
      Other Mobile Units
      Defensive Structures
      Intelligence Gathering Structures (not needed anyway)
      Air Factorys
      Experimental Factorys
      Offensive structures (nukes and BFG’s)

  18. yeah that one confused me to

  19. Whats your steam name? mines bladekill

  20. Wait can u build the Mass Convertors?

  21. is there a difficulty threshold? ive done every one of these on easy, and some on normal, but i have not gotten the achievement

    • what happen cos im have done it on easy normal and hard and i still dont have it ???????????

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    Appreciate it!

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